What is the Best Tool Chest 2024?

Every auto mechanic needs a reliable tool chest.

It could either be used for holding your necessary gears and accessories or for storing various other miscellaneous stuff like arts and craft supplies or even jewelry.

These utility kits are indispensable for workspaces and can efficiently simplify our work pattern by keeping things organized and easily accessible for us.

The traditional tool chest has evolved considerably over the last decade. And, it has emerged as immensely functional storage units that can step out of their conventional role of being just a toolbox and go a long way in making our work incredibly easier.

Take a look at the reviews of some of the best tool chests that are not your normal jack in the box.

Viper Tool Storage V218MCOR

This tool storage comes with two full extension extruding drawers that feature smooth ball bearing slides. This provides great accessibility and makes the unit suitable for holding heavy objects. These have hold-in dents that securely keep the drawers shut and are made of aluminum.

The entire 18-inch drawer chest itself is made from 18-gauge steel that makes it significantly long-lasting. The powder coated finish and matching aluminum drawer-lining makes it resistant to scratches or even chemical spills and can be easily cleaned out better than other finishes.

The chest comes with an internal locking bar and tubular cam lock system which allows you to keep your drawers locked up with just a single key and saves you the hassle of getting separate locking devices.

However, the one annoying thing about the chest is that the ball-bearings can get jacked-up after a point of time if you don’t keep it well-greased, causing the drawers to squeak.


  • Very durable and long lasting
  • One-key lock system
  • Anti-corrosive and scratch-resistant


  • Can be a bit expensive

Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox

The Craftsman metal toolbox is one of our favorites when it comes to taking out that old school, rugged looking, traditional tool chest containing heavy-duty tools and accessories. Pretty much what you might see in advertisements depicting good-looking men fixing cars for beautiful women.

This portable toolbox comes with a cover hinge that keeps the lid open for easy accessibility of the contents inside. The drawers lock up automatically when you close the lid.

It features three full-extension drawer compartments with two strong bolt-latches and a sizeable top compartment to keep your frequently used tools.

The box is made of impact-resistant metal and hard plastic that makes the unit resistant against harsh external blows and scratches. Additionally, it also comes with hasps and staples mechanisms for padlocking that provides extra security.

The comfortable grip on the top handle of this tool chest makes it very easy for you carry it around on the job site or keep it anywhere in your home or garage.

However, it can get pretty heavy when fully loaded up.


  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Includes hasps and staples mechanism for extra protection
  • Portable and fits anywhere
  • Nice design


  • Lacks a bit in depth
  • Gets very heavy

Keter Tool Organiser 240762

The Keter tool chest is a great versatile storage unit that can be easily loaded onto a truck or carted around in any workspace.

It comes with removable swivel locking caster wheels attached to a durable and stable base that prevents it from slipping out of control. Apart from the five large drawers, the unit also includes 16 removable dividers and smaller storage bins that you can rearrange to keep smaller objects in a very organized way.

Also, the large bottom bin takes up a third of the total space and accommodates larger and heavier items.

One of the most important features of the Keter storage unit is that it features a central locking system that secures every drawer before, during and after they have been used.

The Keter is made of plastic instead of steel that makes it lightweight and easier to load onto any vehicle.


  • Can be used as a stationary or movable storage unit
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Uses central locking mechanism


  • The plastic body feels cheap

Viper Tool Storage V1804WHR

Well, now this could be taken as the larger version of the Viper Tool Storage mini tool chest that we reviewed earlier. This is a 16-inch steel rolling cart that is designed for bulk storage, and it comes with four 2-inch locking swivel casters, and chrome-plated tubular side handles for just the purpose.

Similar to the mini tool chest, this unit also uses smooth ball-bearing slides for its drawers. The powder coated finish makes it scratch and corrosion proof and resistant to chemical spills.

The hold-in dents ensure that the drawers remain shut and the matching pre-cut, non-slip lining in the drawer keeps your valuable contents safe inside the unit while it’s being moved around. The bulk compartment with its panel door is designed to capacitate oversized objects.

The unit features a round key barrel lock and internal locking bar that secures all the drawers at the slides, keeping your valuables protected.


  • Made from 18-gauge steel and is significantly long lasting
  • Offers manufacturer’s lifetime warranty
  • Durable and scratch proof


  • High maintenance
  • Expensive

WEN 73015 Garage Glider Rolling Tool Chest Seat

This storage unit from WEN takes all the required and standard features of an efficient toolkit and combines it with the comfort of a resting stool to bring you a great garage chest seat.

The unit features a thick vinyl multi-layered padding for protection and comfort. It includes three spacious drawer compartments and 16 additional onboard slots on the back of the tool chest body. This helps you store your frequently used tools in a systematic and organized way.

An attractive feature to this unit is that it comes with two foldable magnetic storage trays. These allow you to put your tools down and catch a quick break rather than having two open up the chest and keep your tools inside or keep them lying around.

The Garage glider comes with two ½ inch ball-bearing swivel casters that let you move it around easily in all directions.

Although, we did like the features and product design, the quality of the material could have been better as we noticed that it easily dents and may not be very sturdy or long-lasting.


  • Has a nice laid-out design
  • Provides comfort and security along with being a tool chest
  • Can accommodate a lot of heavy objects


  • Material quality doesn’t seem to be durable or long lasting
  • The product isn’t corrosion or chip resistant

Trinity TWM-3501 Wood Tool Box

The Trinity wooden toolbox is an excellent solution for all your storage issues regarding tools or accessories.

It comes with 8 removable drawers with nickel plated side handles and corners. The chest is designed with front lids that conceal the drawers when the latch is put and neatly folds underneath the chest when not in use.

These drawers can be used to store pretty much anything that you don’t want to get weathered or worn out in the open. There is a felt-lining on the inside of each drawer that protects your items from losing their finish and prevents them from getting tarnished. It also features a silicone grip or “feet” underneath that doesn’t scratch any surface.

You can store all our garage tools in it. The medium to small ones fit just fine in the drawers, and these let you keep all the spares in a very organized and assorted way.

These drawers are perfect for storing your jewelry in and keeps the metal from getting oxidized. It is easily accessible, so you do not have to go through any hassles or tangles to pick out your favorite piece.

Overall, this tool chest makes for a versatile storage compartment and can be kept and used anywhere in your home, office, garage or elsewhere.


  • Space efficient
  • Allows easy accessibility
  • Offers protective lining
  • Surface-protective silicone feet


  • Material quality could’ve been better

WEN 74606 26-Inch Rolling Tool Cabinet

The 26-inch WEN Rolling Tool Cabinet with its six built-in drawers gives you all the ease of access to your tools and accessories. It includes large and durable caster wheels so that you can move it around on any workshop floor or elsewhere to have all the necessary things within easy reach.

This tool cabinet is manufactured using 19 gauge steel that makes it considerably long-lasting and weather-resistant. You get three sets each of 3 and 6-inch deep drawer compartments that help you to keep your valuables neatly organized.

This storage unit comes with a self-locking mechanism that secures every end of the cabinet and renders you free from all worries about the safety and protection of your belongings.

However, we weren’t quite satisfied with the kind of drawer lining that came with the unit and would’ve much preferred a stronger and safer one instead.


  • Very spacious and long lasting
  • Comes with self-locking mechanisms
  • Provides easy access to contents within


  • Poor quality drawer liners
  • Quite expensive

Best Tool Chest of 2024

ImageModelMy rating
Viper Tool Storage
Editor's Choice
Craftsman 3-Drawer9.6
Keter Tool Organiser9.3
Viper V1804WHR9.5
WEN 730159.3


To select the perfect tool chest for your garage or your home doesn’t take a lot of effort. There are numerous choices that are readily available to suit your purpose.

But, it is equally easy to wind up with a useless piece of junk and have your money wasted on something you thought would be of service.

We hope our review guide helps you find just the right one for your requirements.

Till next time!

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