Restore Car Performance with Spark Plug Wires

Have you ever considered the power of a single spark?

It can give rise to an idea, give you motivation, conjure a story, or even power-up that worn-out engine of your car.

You think that the last one was a pitiful example compared to the rest?

Wait till your car smites this ignorant outlook and breaks down right before an interview or your own wedding.

If you’re a person with a conscience regarding your vehicle’s life, then you must be aware of the importance of spark plug wires.

And if you’re on the lookout for the best set, we have just the thing for you. Because in this article, we have brought a comprehensive review of the best spark plug wire brands that would make your search easy.

Take a look!

Best Spark Plug Wires 2024

  1. NGK
  2. ACDelco
  3. Motorcraft
  4. MSD Spark Wires
  5. Accel
  6. Taylor Cable
  7. Denso

1. NGK Spark Plug Wires Review

NGK RC-TE58 Check Price
NGK RC-TE66 Check Price
NGK RC-HE76 Check Price
NGK 9160 Check Price
NGK RC-FX58 Check Price
NGK RC-FX101 Check Price
NGK started out as far back as 1936 with a single product and became one of the leading manufacturers in premium quality spark plugs for almost every automotive producer. It employs superior and innovative technology in the manufacturing process and greatly situates the process in America itself.

The NGK spark plug wire sets are designed to meet the strict OEM standards since it caters to an extensive and vivid range of vehicles. The construction method that they use for these is known as the “variable pitch” wire winding that creates a resistance to radio frequency interference.

This variable pitch wire provides suppression throughout a great range by “scrambling” and splitting up the electrical waves that are radiated by the firing of the spark plugs.

The spark plugs consist of a ferrite magnetic layer that has a mixture of rubber, plastic and powdered ferrite. This provides even resistance and incredible conductivity.

These are lower in resistance than most other carbon core wires and can be easily used as a replacement to any standard unit. The high-quality EPDM and tough silicone sleeves resist heat, oil and chemical damage and offer high durability.

  • Very durable and resilient
  • Amazing durability and high-quality performance
  • Offers considerable noise suppression


  • The wires may be a tad bit too short for custom-fits

2. ACDelco

ACDelco 9748RR Professional Check Price
ACDelco 9746KK Check Price
ACDelco 9748HH Check Price
ACDelco 9718Q Check Price
ACDelco is a brand of GM Customer and Aftersales. It is one of the biggest global automotive manufacturers of high-quality replacement parts for almost all vehicular systems as well as for off-road, marine and industrial requirements.

The spark plug wires of this brand are made from fiberglass are reinforced with silicone insulators. These are made to be anti-corrosive and features a unique boot-shaped distributor cap that ensures a water-tight seal.

The wire length and diameter are such that is helps to achieve a considerably strong spark. The terminal design of the product assists in easy installation and improves spark plug retention.

The insulator consists of a high dielectric medium, and the coil retainer prevents the occurrence of fretting or micro-arcing. The high-temperature insulation jacket of the unit offers incredible resistance to heat, oil, and other abrasive substances.

It ensures durability and reliability under extreme and varying situations.

ACDelco creates all of its spark plug wire sets to fit the requirements of brands like Honda, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota.

  • Manufactured using quality materials
  • Easy to install and fits nicely
  • Protect extreme conditions


  • There could be some gap issues in certain models

3. Motorcraft

Motorcraft WR5934 Check Price
Motorcraft WR6096 Check Price
Motorcraft WR4062 Ignition Wire Check Price
Motorcraft WR-6120 Kit Check Price
Motorcraft WR5974 Check Price
The Ford Motor Company launched Motorcraft in the year 1972. It is one brand that has since then earned a reputable status in this field and has been one of the most trusted names in motor parts. It is famous for manufacturing vehicle-specific replacement parts for names like Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln.

The company offers a wide range of such products like A/C compressors to alternators to wiper blades and wire sets. Every part if manufactured adhering to strict regulations and specifications and are put through rigorous laboratory and on-the-road testing.

The Spark Plug Wire Sets made by Motorcraft are OEM in fit and quality, like every other part manufactured by the brand.

The spark plug wire sets completely match up to OE standards when it comes to durability and reliability under extreme conditions and performance. These sets come with a wire set boot and connector and eliminate the possibility of a misfire. This helps increase the engine’s life and work well without needing any extra length of wiring.

  • Complete OEM fit
  • Manufactured using high-quality material
  • Duly tested products
  • Easy installation


  • These do not have cylinder numbers printed on them

4. MSD Spark Wires

MSD 5574 Street Fire Check Price
MSD 32829 Super Conductor Check Price
MSD 32819 8.5mm Check Price
MSD Ignition was founded in the year 1970 and was the first company ever to experiment with Multiple Spark Discharge (hence, the name) in the ignition system of internal combustion in the same year.

The company has changed the game for the development of ignition systems with its revolutionary new technology of capacitive discharge of CD, that makes it possible to spark multiple times.

MSD mainly specializes in two kinds of spark plug wires: Street Fire and the 8.5 mm Super Conductor. The Street Fire plug wires have a reduced resistance and feature a tough, silicone sleeve that makes it suitable for street cars and cruisers.

The 8.5 mm Super Conductor wires are designed to deliver the most number of sparks possible with low resistance and high EMI suppression.

These are made from triple refined copper alloy, which are equipped with extremely high-temperature sleeving and boots along with stainless steel Dual Crimp terminals. The inner core of the spark plug has a ferromagnetic core that ensures a highly effective EMI.

  • Manufactured using highly conductive copper alloy.
  • 12” wire length offers minimum resistance.
  • Available in custom-fit and universal sizes


  • May have some installation issues

5. Accel

ACCEL 4041 8mm Super Stock Copper Universal Wire Set Check Price
ACCEL 5048R 8mm Check Price
ACCEL ACC 9070C Extreme Ceramic Boot Check Price
The Accel Extreme 9000 Ceramic Spark Plug Wire Set and the Superstock 4000 Series are some of the best spark plugs out there on the market, devised to achieve some amazing results for the ignition.

The silicone jackets of the spark plugs provide extreme resistance against heat and the so does the straight boots of the unit. The wires can resist a temperature range between 451- 600 degrees Fahrenheit with the ceramic boots withstanding up to 2000 degrees.

The Ferro-spiral core offers a high level of RFI/EMI suppression, and the stainless steel spark plugs get the most out of the ignition by optimizing its capacity. The F-rated double silicone jacket sits tightly pressed over the braided fiberglass, on top of which they add a layer of EPDM. This provides a high dielectric strength to the Accel products. It is resistant to extreme vibrations and performs well under pressure.

It is an ideal solution for running headers with close tolerances or a rock crawler with boots that are prone to melting because of heat. The product is suitable for street racing cars as well.

  • Extremely resistant to high temperatures
  • Works well for smaller engine bays
  • Comes with color coding


  • May not provide spark retention

6. Taylor (Taylor Cable)

Taylor Cable 51006 Check Price
Taylor Cable 79614 409 Spiro-Pro 10.4mm Check Price
Taylor Cable 79614 409 Spiro-Pro 10.4mm Check Price
Taylor Cable 64628 Check Price
Taylor Cable 64628 Check Price
Taylor Cable, which also goes by the name of Taylor Vertex, has maintained its hold and position since the year of 1923 and has provided quality automotive parts for nearly 90 years now.

The spark plug wire sets from this brand come equipped with reinforced fiberglass jackets, and the core is crafted from tinned copper weld wire. These can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

And due to the 90-degree boot-ends, they fit smoothly in 8-cylinder engines. The plug terminals come with double-spring locks that make then resistant against vibration.

The wires increase horsepower and torque and substantially suppresses radio frequency interference. These also provide maximum voltage and has a resistance level of 350 ohms per ft.

The oil-resistant insulation of the wires protects against oil damage and chemical spill. This helps to increase the longevity of the product life.

  • Easy to install
  • Plug wires are bonded to color-coordinated boots
  • Considerably long (8 mm)


  • You may have to modify them for installation and fitting.

7. Denso

Denso 6716137 Check Price
Denso 671-4246 Check Price
Denso 671-8063 Check Price
Denso 671-4183 Check Price
Denso has been in the game for nearly five decades now. In the meantime, it has tremendously improved the quality of the automotive products and stands as a brand that is QS9000 and ISO9000 certified worldwide.

The spark plug wire sets from this brand consist of a Kevlar-reinforced core and a high temperature “Class-E” silicone jacket that makes it resistant to damages caused by heat, cold, oils or chemicals. These wires can withstand a temperature range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit to up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

The fiberglass braid and reinforcing materials offers durability and powers up the terminal retention. The carbon fiberglass core provides superior support conductivity, and the silicone insulation ensures quality dielectric and heat performance.

These spark plugs are designed to give off a “click” sound as soon as its OE caps fit into place, which makes it easy for any home mechanic to install it. There is a strong connection between the cable and the boot that can suffer external impacts during installation or removal without being snapped off.

  • Easy installation
  • Satisfactory performance
  • OE fit
  • Improves the engine’s start-up time


  • The wire length can be a bit shorter
  • These are not numbered.


A standard spark plug wire set can substantially boost up an engine’s performance with immense power and guarantee a high-performance rate. But, a faulty or poor grade product will do just the opposite and can even pose a risk of an accident.

We hope our reviews help you get nothing less than the perfect spark plugs for your car.

Till next time!

Our top4 of the spark plug wires (Video reviews)

  1. Denso 671-4239 Spark Plug Wire Set

  2. Edelbrock 22716 Ultra

  3. Taylor Cable 84276 ThunderVolt 8.2

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