What is the Best Car Battery of 2024?

What makes a car run well?

Obvious answers include a good engine, a reliable transmission, and even durable, properly inflated tires.

But perhaps a less obvious answer is a powerful and reliable car battery. As the source of the electrical current needed for your car’s starter motor and ignition system, your car battery is really the electrical heart of your vehicle.

A reliable battery will not only make sure you have a running car, it can also supply additional current when needed. So choosing the right battery should be taken as seriously as choosing any other component that makes your drive smooth.

Let’s take a look six different car batteries to see which one is best for you.

Best Car Batteries – My Reviews

Mighty Max ML35-12 Car Battery

The Mighty Max ML35-12 is a rechargeable, maintenance-free, and spill-proof battery that you can count on to last. Durable in all weather conditions—and especially the cold—the Mighty Max is specifically engineered to have a long service life and a deep discharge recover.

For extra peace of mind, it also comes with a 30 day refund policy and a full 1 year warranty. So on the off chance that the Mighty Max doesn’t pull through for you on a cold day, you know you’re covered.

State of the Art

The secret behind the Mighty Max is its state-of-the-art calcium-alloy grid. Extremely heavy duty, it promises top performance in virtually any weather conditions as well as a long service life. As a bonus, the Mighty Max also has Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. This allows you to use it in outdoor and indoor environments without worrying about leaks and dangerous spills.

Finer Specifications

The Mighty Max is a 12 volt battery, and its amperage is 35 AH. Coming in at 23.15 lbs, it’s 7.68 in x 5.16 in x 7.13.

We recommend the Mighty Max if you’re looking for a reliable and durable car battery that can withstand a large range of operating temperatures.


  • SLA/AGM chemistry
  • Long service life
  • Long lasting in a wide range of temperatures


  • Not for heavier duty applications

Power Sonic Car Battery PS-12350

The Power Sonic PS-12350 is an SLA/AGM battery that is spill-proof and maintenance free. It can be easily mounted in any chosen position.

And, as an additional benefit, the Power Sonic almost completely resists shocks and vibrations, giving you the peace of mind that your battery shouldn’t fail any time soon.

SLA/AGM technology

The PowerSonic’s SLA technology (Sealed Lead Acid) ensures that is reliably spill proof. So whether you are using it in an indoor or outdoor setting, you won’t have to worry about hazardous leaks and spills. In addition, its AGM technology (Absorbent Glass Mat) guarantees the Powersonic’s top-rate performance.

Finer Specifications

The Power Sonic PS-12350 is 12V and its dimensions are 7.72 x 5.14 x 7.00. It comes in at just under 25 lbs, making it easy to mount. And it is fully rechargeable and can be used for a variety of applications, including consumer electronics, motorcycles, solar devices and emergency lighting.

We recommend the Powersonic Car Battery to anyone who is looking for a car battery that is reliable but cost-effective.


  • SLA/AGM technology
  • Shock and vibration resistant


  • Not appropriate for more demanding industrial applications

DieHard 38188 Car Battery Advanced Gold

The DieHard 38188 is the most advanced battery so far in this review. It is optimized to last longer, be more durable, and to withstand a greater range of temperatures than most batteries on the market.

So if you’re looking for a battery that will be appropriate for more industrial, demanding applications, then the DieHard is worth careful consideration.

Extensively Optimized

The DieHard is optimized in a number of ways to guarantee top-of-the-line performance. For one, it boasts 20x more vibration protection than a standard car battery, which not only ensures greater battery performance over time but also doubles its cycle and performance life.

It is also fully spill-proof and fitted with full-frame positive and negative plates to ensure that electrical shorts and other pests don’t sap its charge. And because the DieHard is intended for a wide variety of applications, it can also be mounted in virtually any position and fits perfectly in most imported and domestic vehicles.

Full Protection

The DieHard’s improved durability is thanks to the fact that the battery is heat-sealed and tamper-resistant. This means that you can safely use the DieHard not only in more demanding industrial applications, but also to power high-end consumer electronics. No longer do you need to worry about damaging your expensive toys with a leaky battery.


  • 20x more vibration protection
  • Optimized full-frame positive and negative plates improve battery life
  • Enhanced electrolyte system system brings added safety and security


  • Some users report difficulty fitting the battery in some cars. So double-check its dimensions before purchasing

ACDelco 48AGM Professional Car Battery

ACDelco, a company whose parts make their way into over 2 million GM vehicles every year, offers this high-performance and long-lasting battery to those who need high-quality engineering with complete durability.

The ACDelco 48AGM Professional is engineered to ensure that your car battery lasts. Among its many features you’ll find high-cycling capabilities, incredible charge receptivity, and an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) design that guarantees you don’t have worry about leaks and spills.

Advanced Engineering

The ACDelco Professional features some of the latest engineering in battery technology. A high density negative plate makes this battery last longer than most of its competitors and improves performance. And the calcium lead positive grid makes sure that the battery has very low resistance and high conductivity.

Perhaps most important of all, the ACDelco is also operational in a very wide range of weather conditions because its improved acid circulation keeps it cool enough to reliably function.


Pressure on the battery’s positive and negative plates greatly reduces the active mass that the battery’s grid will lose. In more practical terms, this means that the ACDelco will last longer than most car batteries on the market. But just in case you run into any problems, this battery is backed up by a guarantee of a free replacement for up to 36 months.

The ACDelco 48AGM Performance is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance, state-of-the-art car battery that is suitable for both regular and industrial applications.


  • Calcium lead positive grid
  • Improve acid circulation maintains cool temperatures


  • For those who are budget conscious, the ACDelco is pricier than the average car battery.

Optima Car Battery Yellow

The Optima Yellow and Red (in the next review) batteries are the most high-performance in this series. Both are custom-engineered for extremely demanding domestic and industrial applications.

The Optima Yellow, which will be the focus of this review, is designed to handle increased electrical loads and has an extended discharge cycle that’s needed when a car or truck has an especially large number of accessories to power.

All in One

The Optima Yellow leaves almost nothing to be desired in a car battery for virtually any application. It has deep cycling capability, which ensures you have the extra power you need without draining the battery.

It is one of the only genuine dual-purpose batteries on the market, making it perfect for a wide variety of demanding applications. And, as a bonus, it also has premium cranking power that ensures reliable starts no matter the conditions.

Spiral Cell Technology

One of the Optima Yellow’s most innovative features is its Spiral Cell Technology. This is a set of individual cells that are spiral-wound and are comprised of two lead plates—one positive and the other negative—each of which is coated in lead oxide.

This technology improves upon traditional flat plate Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, allowing for even greater levels of performance and reliability.

We would recommend the Optima Yellow Top for any who needs a battery that can handle extremely demanding applications.


  • Deep cycle and cranking power
  • Spiral Cell Technology
  • 15x more resistant to vibration


  • Might be a difficult fit in some cars

Optima Red Car Battery

Much like its Yellow sibling, The Optima Red Top is a high-performance, high-durability car battery. The main difference is that the Optima Red Top is not designed to for larger electrical loads in cars and trucks with a large number of accessories to power.

Nonetheless, the Optima Red Top is an excellent car battery in its own right.

High Performance

Much like the Optima Yellow, the Red Top boasts high power cranking ability, and can handle extremely harsh weather conditions. It is also great for heavy use in trucks and even hot rods and other sport/performance vehicles.

Finer Specifications

The Red Top comes in at a rather hefty 39.5 lbs and its dimensions are 10 5/16″ x 6 13/16″ x 7 5/8. Its reserve capacity is an impressive 90 minutes and it promises 3x longer life than the average car battery and is 15x more resistant to vibration.

We recommend the Optima Red Top to anyone who wants a high-performance car battery but doesn’t quite need the advanced power of its bigger brother, the Optima Yellow Top.


  • Spiral cell technology
  • Strong starting burst
  • Fast recharge rate


  • Not as powerful as the Yellow Top but comparably priced. If you want more power still, the small additional charge for the Yellow Top is worth considering.

My Rating of Car Batteries 2024

Battery ImageBattery ModelMy rating
Mighty Max ML35-12
My Choice
Power Sonic9.7
DieHard Advanced Gold9.6
ACDelco Professional9.5
Optima Yellow9.3
Optima Red9.3

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