The Best Carburetor Cleaner You Can Get for Any Vehicle

The engine of your car cannot work efficiently without the support of a carburetor. This is a part that you should never ignore since it is responsible for combining air and fuel well. It ensures that your engine gets the proper fuel it needs for combustion to take place.

Over time, the carburetor accumulates a great deal of dirt, especially if you don’t service the vehicle regularly. The best carburetor cleaner minimizes your car expenses and keeps it in good shape. The following are the best carburetor cleaners on the market.

Best Carburetor Cleaners of 2024

ImageModelMy rating
Berryman 0996
Editor's Choice
9.8 Check Price
Gumout 800009.7 Check Price
CRC Carb Cleaner9.6 Check Price
Gunk CC3K9.3 Check Price

1. Berryman 0996 – Best for Big Vehicles

The carburetor cleaner you should choose depends on the model of your car. A big car needs this carb cleaner. It contains a sufficient amount in order to clean the required parts without running out. The Berryman gives you up to 0.75 gallons to use on different areas of your fuel system that come into contact with the fuel.

It is a reliable cleaner since it can get rid of varnish, carbon, gum, sludge, and grease. This cleaner does not affect sensitive parts of your car. Note that this carb cleaner is non-flammable and not chlorinated, meaning it is safe to use.

You can also use it on areas that contain plastic or rubber without worrying about rust. Use it on various areas of your vehicle, including the valves and other parts of the engine that are not easy to clean.

You will like how this carb cleaner dissolves rough debris as it softens any accumulated dirt. It’s easy to wipe off all the residue without a lot of effort scrubbing. Apply the chem dip and give it about 1 hour to soak through hard surfaces before wiping harmful accumulations off the car parts.


  • The carb cleaner does not emit noxious fumes.
  • It is not flammable.
  • It works well on various parts, such as metal and plastic.


  • It is slow to react.
  • It is not pocket-friendly.

2. Gumout 80000 – Best for Small Engines

Is your car producing visible exhaust fumes? The carburetor might be the reason because of heavy accumulation of contaminants on its surface. You can get rid of this and prevent rough idling by using Gumout carburetor cleaner.

You will like the way this choke cleaner works its way into the buildup fast and dries quickly, while eliminating residue on your carburetors and other parts.

This can clean linkages and metal areas that are not painted, as well as choke valves.

Gumout can be sprayed without the need of a straw since it provides sufficient pressure to get rid of accumulated deposits. You can use it directly from its can. The chemicals help to ensures that your carburetor does not form new deposits.

It is also suitable for intake ports, cylinder heads, and piston tops. The cleaner minimizes the friction between parts, thereby providing you with enhanced horsepower. You will not have to scrub the carburetor parts hard if you use this cleaner.


  • It dissolves fast and gets rid of buildup.
  • You can use it on different car parts and also on areas such as a generator or a lawnmower.
  • Affordable


  • It has a strong odor that requires proper ventilation during use.

3. CRC Carb Cleaner — Best for Automatic Chokes

Are you worried about a carb cleaner affecting delicate areas of your car? CRC does not harm catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, etc., and it works on different deposits like varnish and sludge.

Unlike other carburetor cleaners that are slow to react, this one reacts rapidly so as to enhance the performance of your fuel system. It is, however, flammable; therefore, you must use it with caution. The can is large enough for you to clean many parts, however.

You can also use CRC on automatic chokes, ventilating systems such as PVC valves, and intake parts, as long as they do not contain paint. It maximizes the performance of a carburetor, and it meets the set VOC standards.

This is an ideal car cleaner for vehicles that are used for long trips. You should clean your carburetor at least once every few months.


  • The cleaner is not expensive.
  • Protects the delicate parts of your car
  • It is safe to use.
  • Dissolves well on gum and varnish.


  • It is flammable.

4. Gunk CC3K – Best for Multipurpose Use

If you prefer cleaning small engines with your hands, you will like this carburetor cleaner kit. It has a dripping basket that makes soaking and cleaning easy.

We like the fact that Gunk CC3K does not limit you to the carburetor alone. You can also clean other metal surfaces around your garage or home.

This cleaner gets rid of a wide range of deposits, including grease, carbon, oil, and varnish. The formula used in it is not corrosive or chlorinated, making it environmentally-friendly. It does not deplete the ozone layer or contain phenols that can affect the atmosphere.

You will like the thorough job that this carb cleaner does on different metal parts. You can use it on almost all vehicles, regardless of the type. It works on all-terrain vehicles, scooters, motorcycles, and marine crafts.


  • It cleans different metals well.
  • It is a multi-purpose cleaner.
  • The formulas used are environmentally-friendly.
  • Your package includes a drip bucket.


  • The soaking may take time.

5. Yamaha Yamalube – Best for Removing Gum and Grime

Cleaning all the carburetor parts may be difficult if you cannot reach the corners, edges and other tight areas. Yamalube cleaner has a narrow mouth so that you can reach all parts of your carburetor effortlessly. The formula used in this cleaner is strong enough to eliminate all kinds of deposits.

Unlike other carburetor cleaners that supply you with only a small amount, this comes in a large, 32 oz. bottle. You get both quantity and quality from this carburetor cleaner.

Be wise while using Yamalube since it is highly concentrated. You can use it with water to clean metal parts. Ensure that the area has enough ventilation due to the strong, noxious fumes from this cleaner. Use gloves during application to avoid contact with the cleaner.

It, unfortunately, leaves behind a white film that you can get off only by hand scrubbing.


  • You don’t have to separate the carburetor parts to clean them.
  • It cleans well.
  • The large can makes it reusable.


  • The cost is high.

Final thoughts

Your engine will always perform well—and more efficiently—as long as your carburetor is clean. Choose the best carburetor cleaner for your needs and save service expenses.

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